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The Krewe has dry lockers for purchase in the bar area for $20.00
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There are only two types of guests. You are either a admiral club guest or a regular guest.

Step 1. Guests, You must register as a guest and pay your guest fee unless paid by your sponsor or you are an admiral club guest. Guest fees will be credited to your membership if you join. Click here to register as a guest

Step 2. All guest must electronically sign liability waivers.

Step 3. All guests must have their own account, you cannot execute a registration or waiver on someone else's account

Step 4. All guest members, male or female must wear long black pants reaching their boots or shoes a white pirate looking shirt, black boots, or black shoes. Please refer to costume requirements link. Guests can add approved accessories items per costume link. No other colors or styles can be worn.

We recommend that the guest send a picture of themselves dressed, to the krewe member that invited them, so that both are sure that their costume complies with our guidelines.

Step 5. Beads are provided for paying guests, if you wish to purchase a case of beads click below.Click here to purchase a case of beads.

Once you have added your items to your cart proceed to check out and follow on screen instructions. You will receive an order confirmation when complete.