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Royal Krewe of Privateer�s Dues & Early Termination of Membership Return Policy


The Privateers values our relationship with you and offers the following return policy for your dues and our policy for early termination of membership and purchases of any items from the krewe.

You may cancel your dues for a full refund as long as you have not attended any parade. There will not be any prorated refunds of dues if you have attended a parade. There are no refunds for beads, costumes or any other items purchased from the Krewe.  


If you need your dues refunded and have not attended a parade, log into your account on the Krewe�s website, click Refunds and fill out the refund request form.  If approved, a check for the dues paid to date will be mailed within 10 business days.


The Privateers understand that sometimes dues need to be refunded.  This does not preclude you from joining the Krewe next year or anytime in the future.  We are sorry to see you leave and hope that you can join us again in the near future.